Friday, 26 November 2010

Squared Away

   Its doesn't feel too bad out even though the temperatures are struggling to get above 3c. The spell is going to last for at least 10 days and maybe even longer so I hope you folks are squared away. I've just topped up my white flour and butter. I also topped up on treats like chocolate and biscuits, I'm pretty much sorted with everything else.
    I did buy some battery operated led Christmas lights, I already have a string of them around my banister going upstairs. Not sure what I'll do with this string, maybe put them under the kitchen cabinets so I can see in the kitchen though I do already had a battery operated Led light in there.

  I didn't run out of anything last year when we had the bad icy spell but I did notice the shops were short on things like bread, salt and cat litter.  
     Now is the time to stock up what you need before it gets too icy or other folks have the same idea and strip the shelves bare. Make sure you have enough food, medications, tp, cooking stuffs like oil and yeast to make breads. Water too in case the pipes freeze, just fill some pop bottles now.
    Don't forget matches, batteries and candles. I have an aladdin lamp that gives off an amazing amount of light and is pretty warm too, very warm in fact. Heat too, I have a paraffin heater and a camping gas heater. I also have plenty of blankets, fleece ones and wool ones.

   I bought some ice grippers for my boots last year and a couple of hiking poles as well for getting around outside. By the time the ice grippers arrived the ice was gone so I didn't get to use them last year but am sure they will come in handy this year. Might be a good idea to get some now. My mom puts thick socks over her shoes for walking on ice, it does work but goes through socks pretty quickly.

  Ok that's enough warnings, if you can't remember what it was like last year I can't help you. If you do want any extra help or advice email me and I'll be happy to help.

  Best to mention some knitting and or spinning seeing as this is what the blog is about. I did manage to fit more white bfl on the bobbin, a fair amount it was too. I started the second bobbin of white as well so today I need to spin up some of the oatmeal bfl. My new aim is to get it all finished by next weekend, plied, set and wound into balls. Then I can get it posted out.

   I got some more knitting done as well last night,got two pattern sections knitted up. Think the pocket scarf is over 3.5 feet now.I'll keep spinning once I have the Christmas stuff spun up but not as mush, I really need to concentrate on my knitting.

   Stay warm and have a great day folks, not sure what the picture post will be tomorrow.

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