Saturday, 6 November 2010

Baby Socks.

Knitted baby socks
    These are the second pair of socks I ever knitted, my very first pair of socks were a pair of white ones done in the same yarn as the baby hat and mittens. Not sure if I've put up the baby mittens pictures yet, maybe next week I'll do that along with those socks too.
knitted baby sox
  One of the socks is inside out that's why it looks a little odd. Baby socks are great beginners items to knit as there small making them quick knits using very little yarn. All baby clothes are like that making them great beginners projects, even if you only end up giving them to a charity shop.

  I used good sock yarn to knit this pair using the magic loop method. One tip a friend gave me when knitting baby socks and mittens is to knit 3 items because theres a very high chance one will get lost, its a good idea and also added practise for beginner knitters.
knitted baby socks
     Short and sweet post today, I need to get more spinning done. I'm half way on the scarf, just over 3 feet but have fallen behind on the spinning. Hope its as lovely and sunny where ever you folks are like it is here, even put some washing on the line its that nice. Have a great weekend.

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