Saturday, 9 October 2010

Baby Dolls hats

Pocket scarf update too.
Baby dolls hats
These are the first hats I ever knitted. I did them for my niece, the first one I thought was too small so knitted another one. Turns out they were both too small so ended up being dolls hats.
Baby hat
    I did the pom poms on two fingers, its a lot quicker to make small pom poms on two fingers than using cards. I had fun cutting the pom poms hair. They are great fun to make.

    Not sure about the yarn I used, nice colours. Mainly white with subtle tones mixed in but the yarn itself wasn't great. Some cheap stuff my sister gave me, probably 100% acrylic.
Baby Dolls Hats
(ETA Not sure why you can't click the images to enlarge any more, if you go to finished projects you can find more images at my photobucket page or flickr page.)

  Pocket Scarf Update.

    The double basket weave pattern really isn't working with this scarf. You can hardly make out the pattern which is a shame. I'm going to look for a cabled pattern but I want something that has no wrong side, not sure if that can be done or not. I really don't want to knit a plain scarf. If I can't find a pattern that works I think I'll knit a vest with this yarn for myself and get some other yarn for the scarf.

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