Friday, 15 October 2010


   Not really much to write about today. Guess that's a problem with having a knitting blog, you can only knit so much. Gets kinda boring hearing that I only knit 8 rows yesterday. No spinning, no weaving, haven't started on my friends scarf yet and NO I haven't finished the backpack.

  The weather is turning for sure now, almost had the heating on last night but resisted. I'll dust off the aladdin heater later, fill it and check the wick. I probably have enough paraffin for this winter but really should get more just incase. I do have a fair amount of gas though if things do go sideways.

  I do have enough worsted weight yarn a friend from the states got me for a jumper, worsted I think is a bit thinner than aran. We really need to get together and sort out knitting terms, be it needle sizes, yarn weights or moss, seed stitches. Cast on, cast off not bind off. Life's to confusing at times, theres no need to make knitting more complicated.

  My kick spindle hasn't arrived yet, theres still time today but I have a funny feeling it will be Monday. I'll try and save some of the fleece I have for when it arrives but will order some more bfl in a bit. I'm going to get it from the original person I got my first lot from, just not happy with this oatmeal bfl I'm currently using.

  That's all for now, pop back tomorrow for a picture post and I hope you all have a great productive weekend. Stay warm.

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