Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Another book

    I've bought another book on carding,spinning and dyeing. "Carding, Spinning, Dyeing: Introduction to the Traditional Wool and Flax Crafts (Elisabeth Hoppe & Ragnar Edberg)" This one looks interesting with more details on what I need, though I haven't read it yet. Its an older book published in 1975 that I picked up second hand on ebay. I really need to stop buying books and start buying more yarns and roving's. I do want a book on cable stitches and theres another book I have my eye on and a book on basic weaving would be nice and and and.........

   I only got a tiny bit of spinning done yesterday, my heart wasn't in it. I know you shouldn't blame your tools but I'm going to blame this oatmeal bfl roving. Its been a pain from day one and I'll be glad to see the back of it. I do have two top whorl drop spindles and a kick spindle that takes reels(2)(bobbins???) so I could ignore the oatmeal and start on the white bfl I have.

    No weaving done but did a little knitting for the Iphone sock cosy, already planned another one in my head pretty much based on this one but different. Found a scarf pattern that I like and might make a start on that this week, or even today. Christmas fast approaches and I have nothing done apart from the double basket weave scarf.

   Its lovely and sunny out and pretty warm too so I may sit in the garden and read this new book this afternoon. I'll try and get some spinning done and will do more knitting on the Iphone sock cosy too. Probably finish the Iphone sock by tomorrow.

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