Saturday, 16 October 2010

No picture post today.

  Got a load of washing on the line. It was sunny just a second ago, sat down to write this and its suddenly gone dark, very dark. Hope its not going to rain, I've got the dogs bedding in the washing machine.

  The dog had two more short fits, one at around 3am and the other around 7am. I've given him his second dose of meds and I think once they build up in his system they should start to work better...............bollox he just had another while I'm sitting here. 1.22pm approx 45 secs long. He's breathing very hard, not too steady on his feet but wants to play ball within two mins.

  I really hope these meds start working soon.


Jan said...

How long did the vet say it would be before the meds kick in ,it must be so worrying for you Jan xx

half_pint said...

I can't remember the vet saying anything, was last month I saw her. Reading the internet though and it seems it can take a few days. He's not had another fit since 1.30pm so fingers crossed. Hardest part is not really being able to do anything, every twitch in his sleep gets me up or when he scratches himself. Watching the fits is as bad as waiting for them to happen.
Thanks for your concern.