Thursday, 28 October 2010

Good bye oatmeal.

   I've nearly finished off the oatmeal bfl, yaaaaaaa. I was trying to spin it on the kick spindle and it wasn't working out well this time so I used the top whorl spindle. I haven't used my drop spindle since getting the kick spindle and I have to say I love drop spindles, there so much fun to use. I think I might of even improved since using the kick spindle.

  I'll finish off the oatmeal bfl today on the drop spindle then I'll have ago with the white bfl but I'll use the kick spindle and see how I get on. The differences between this lot of fleece and my first lots might be rovings v's tops, though only the oatmeal has had a smell to it.

  I haven't read all of the new book but its pretty interesting, I think the book on carding, spinning and dyeing,I bought last week was based a lot on this book. One section I've read that was really good was all about flax and nettle preparation, I might even give spinning nettles ago. Along with my nettle beer.

  No weaving done but I've knitted about halfway on the grey/gray Iphone sock. Looking very executive. One thing I don't like about the colour is its hard to see the stitches for knitting, I've made a couple of counting mistakes that I've had to unknit(tink?) that with a lighter coloured yarn  I would of picked up on straight away.

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