Tuesday, 5 October 2010

The Postman Never Rings Twice

   I'm sure the postman hides around the corner waiting for me to go out when ever he has something for me that will not fit the letterbox. Now I have to wait until Thursday to see what goodies he was bringing me. It could be the book I won or the yarn I've ordered.

  Bidding on a spinning book on ebay but don't want to bid to high because there are a few books I want. Looking at weaving and dyeing books too. I need to rejoin the library or get rich.

  I'm going to have another crack at the oatmeal bluefaced latter today, see if its any better. Will probably order more fleece tops as well this week, not sure what to order though. I really did like the white bluefaced but this oatmeal isn't being nice. I might order something I've not spun before so I can learn more. I do have one dog brush, waiting on the other one, so I suppose I could order some washed but uncarded fleece to play with.

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