Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Weaving Goodies.

   Got my tartan weaving book today, booklet really and pretty expensive for the number of pages. It did come with a second how to weave booklet though and the tartan weave one is pretty rare, specialised so no complaints. I haven't read it fully yet but once I master weaving it will come in handy.

  I also got another loom today, a Spear's No2 weaving loom. Its a kids loom that's wide enough to do scarfs on and I think it will go up to 5 feet long. Its got a heddle, something my frame loom doesn't have. The spear's loom came with some work already set up on it, I've had a go and its a joy to use. Its just stripes but is so easy to do compared to the messing around with the frame loom I think I'll be using this one mainly.

  The main thing that has really been throwing me off with weaving is vertical lines. With the heddle loom I think its done by the way you thread the yarn through the holes and slots. I'm a long way from weaving tartan but think I've taken a step closer today, fingers crossed.

  And now for the really really really good news!!!! I've finished the backpack straps!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!. I haven't finished the backpack yet, it only needs weaving in, a buckle sewn on and a button and its done. About time too. The backpack was pretty easy to knit and quickish too, its the straps that have been holding me up for months. So glad to have gotten this one out of the way. I'll do a post on it soon once I have taken pictures.

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