Thursday, 14 October 2010

Good book

   I really enjoyed this book, "Spinning, Dyeing & weaving. Self- Sufficiency", by Penny Walsh. Reading it straight through only stopping once for a cup of coffee to take the chill off. Any of the ideas in the book would take more study on there own but all round this was a great inspirational read. From keeping your own silk worms in a fish tank to how to prepare plant fibers for spinning and weaving and how to dye them all using natural dyes. It also covered what fleeces to use, how to pick them then how to prepare them ready for spinning. For the price its well worth adding to the collection.

   Did some more spinning yesterday, still having trouble with this oatmeal bfl. I've nearly finished it off so will buy some more bfl from another seller and see how that is. My new kick spindle should be here by the weekend, if it comes tomorrow I hope I catch the postman otherwise it will probably be Monday/Tuesday.

   A friend from the States wants me to knit her a double basket weave scarf so I'll get onto that today, or tomorrow. Not sure when I'll have the time to fit it all in. I'm going to use the same yarn as last time, its the only suitable yarn I have. I still have a fair amount left, can't really keep using it for my family though and I think its too dark already to over dye.

  Moving slowly on with the Iphone sock cosy thing though I'm sure it will be finished during the weekend so I can play with the loom some. I'm not sure what picture post will be up on Saturday, I'm getting low on picture finished projects. Might do the first Iphone sock cosy thing, or might not. You'll all have to wait and see.

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