Saturday, 2 October 2010

Magic Loop Socks

Red Socks
Magic loop red socks

    These are the second pair of socks I ever knitted.

Red sox
The only changes I made were to the cuffs. I did 1*1 rib instead of 2*2 rib. You can see the 1*1 rib cuff in this picture.

   The yarn is knitpro, knitpicks that a friend sent me from the states. I love the little coloured bits in it.

Red Sox
  For a fuller post on socks see my first socks post.
Magic loop red socks
  I made these socks longer in the leg and they fit me much better. There a lot more comfy and so far my best pair. I do love the variegated yarns but I also love these solid coloured ones with the interesting flecks of colour.
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