Friday, 29 October 2010


   Winds ups, usual for this time of year here. Makes riding the bike interesting or just plain hard work at times. I think it will be gusting at 60mph by night fall, I best check the high fences and I should take the chimney off the burner and pack it up for the winter.

  I've finished the oatmeal bfl with my drop spindle, it seemed a heck of a lot easier this time around. Guess I'm getting used to it. Theres roughly 200 yrds from the 100g, split in halfs so I can ply it. Wonder what I can knit with 100yrds of pure wool, something that doesn't need lots of washing care me thinks.

  Not finished the Iphone sock cosy yet, only about an inch to go so will get that done sometime today. I'll need to make another Icord but I love knitting those. I'll probably start another Iphone sock cosy straight after this one is done, will have a look through my yarn stash. I might even have another go at weaving one this weekend.

 I usually have fish on a Friday but couldn't find anything I fancied, was almost tempted by a bit of sea bass but think it was a little old. I got a couple of duck legs instead, not had duck in years and haven't cooked it in even longer. I'll probably just fry it up, keep it simple and see how it turns out. I'll save the fat, not sure its as good as goose fat but I bet its close and nearly as tasty for roast spuds.

  Picture post tomorrow of what I know not. Have a good weekend.

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