Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Darn Postman

  I've missed the postman again, I was only out for 15 mins. I swear they wait until I'm out then run around as fast as they can. I think he was trying to deliver a book, the card said too big for letterbox and the kick spindle needs to be signed for. The book I'm waiting on was an impulse buy, The Ashford Book of Carding. I think I'll be glad I bought this one though.

  Popped over to asda to buy a crock pot/slow cooker for £8 but they have none left. Been wondering whether to buy one or not to use for dyeing and decided last night that I would. Oh well, I'll have to look for a cheap one on ebay. I could use my old one and buy myself a new one for food cooking, a better one than I already have.

  Did a bit more weaving yesterday, set up the spear's loom from scratch again and was much faster this time. I weaved the right way around too so when it came time to wind the work up it worked. I think I really need a heddle for my bigger frame loom though, the spear's loom is great but the work is done really fast and needs winding up all the time. I could use the heddle from the spear's loom or maybe make one out of some cardboard or plastic, I do have some plexi glass that might work well. Next time I'll try and do some vertical lines, maybe today.

  Tiny bit of knitting done on the ex Iphone sock cosy thingy last night, will finish that off today then I can start another one. I also really need to start another double basket weave scarf for my friend in the states. Still haven't finished off the backpack and I haven't started any Christmas presents yet, no surprises there really. I might buy some yarn instead of the crock pot, only need a little to get the fingerless gloves done.

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