Saturday, 30 October 2010

Knitted baby blanket

Knitted Baby Blanket
   Just a quick post today and only a couple of pictures. This is a baby blanket I knitted for one of my nieces, I did knit another baby blanket with hearts once but I can't find the pictures anymore.

  The pattern for this blanket is here. Its a really simple knit.

Knitted Baby Blanket
    I think this is the only time I've worked with more than one colour but doing stripes is as easy as joining another ball of yarn, though you do have to join on the same side otherwise you get an odd line of dashes. You can't see it on the only pictures I have but I did mess up the join on one of the rows of colours.

   As you can see its not very well knitted, it looks kinda lacey in places. The yarn I used was some acrylic I was given, not ideal for a baby really but time was short and we have to make do with whats on hand.

   Hope you all have a great weekend, its sunny and warm here today so I'm going to make the most of it.

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