Monday, 11 October 2010

Frog it

   Started another Iphone sock cosy thingy but the pattern on the back isn't working at all. Its a bit like window panes, I've had to adjust the number of stitches and convert it for knitting in the round. Somewhere along the way I've messed it up and I can't really see how, so its back to the drawing board. I did carry on knitting the Iphone sock while changing the pattern around to see if that works, it looks a lot better but isn't what I'm after. Its looking like I might go back to the basket weave pattern. Frog it.

  Found a nice reversible cable pattern for the scarf but that's not working out either, its the same with the double basket weave pattern you can only see it at certain angles in certain lights. So I'm going to keep this chunky yarn and knit myself a vest, hope I have enough. 

    There are no bands on the chunky balls so I have no idea how many yards I have and looking at other chunky balls there seems to be a fair difference. I will probably unwind a ball around the back of the chair for a rough measurement before I knit anything big with it, I'd hate to run out.

  My mouse is on the fritz. I use a trackball type mouse and there not cheap. I do have a standard mouse but no mouse mat,pad. Tried to set it up using different surfaces but it was doing my head in so I swapped back to my dodgy trackball. I'd sooner spend my money on yarn than mouses.

  Talking of money I did buy two books, I won the bid on ebay for the tartan weaving book and I bought a spinning, dyeing and weaving book. I need to sort out my amazon stuff so it shows up on here. With luck both books will be here by Wednesday, hope I can catch the postman this time.

Hope you all had a more productive weekend than I did.

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