Monday, 18 October 2010

Weaving, nearly there.

  My dog is still doing ok, he's had no more fits but is a little dopey at times. Thanks for the advice, encouragement and links.

  I did some weaving on Sunday, set up the spear's loom for the first time. Setting up the loom took me ages and then I had to move all the threads along so the work was more straight. 

    I used different colours for my weft and again they didn't show up in the weave but have finally figured out why. I've been reading double wool as double knit wool,dk. It seems if you use two threads of yarn for weaving the weft colours do show up. Some of the weft had two colours, one going through the holes and another colour going through the gaps in the heddle, they both showed in the weave once I started using two strands of yarn for weaving. Its this part that has been doing my head in since I started.

  I'm not 100% sure how to get solid vertical lines still but think you weave them in a separate colour. I've had a ago at this last time when I was making squares. Its something I really need to practise though as sometimes there were holes or bumps depending on where I turned.

  Another mistake I made with the spear's loom was that I started weaving upside down so that once it came time to move the work along and wrap it around I couldn't. I've got that part figured now so next time I can make a longer piece. It might be better though if I practise more on short pieces until I have colour changes right.

  Over all I'm happy with the results, glad I finally figured how to make the colours in the weft show up. I'm still a long way from weaving tartan though.

  I did manage a little knitting aswell on the Iphone sock cosy thingy but I'm not happy with a section of purls. I sometimes have this problem  that my purls are not tight enough. Its odd really, when it happens it repeats itself row after row making it all look very untidy.

k2,p3,pk4,p2,k2,p2,k4,p3,k2 turn magic loop and knit the back k2,p3,k2,p4,k2,p4,k2,p3,k2. As you can see there are a lot of p and k changes but I'm only messing up one row after row after row. Its the first purl after the knit 4 on the front of the work. Its a problem that doesn't happen all the time but crops up from time to time with me and I have no idea why.

  I've decided to do a bit more on the Iphone sock cosy thingy but stop short and use it for my tobacco tin and knit another Iphone sock cosy thingy, hopefully without the mistakes this time. I'm also going to knit it a bit thinner too, change the p3 to p2 on the front and p4 to p3 on the back

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