Wednesday, 20 October 2010


   Didn't get anything done yesterday. I think the stress of the dog being ill has caught up with me. I have slept in my own bed the last 2 nights but I'm not sleeping all that well. The dogs taken to sleeping at my bedside so every time he twitches in his sleep or scratches I'm up and wondering if its another fit. I've cut a pill in half for him this morning but will give him a full dose tonight. I'll be seeing the vet later and will discuss managing his meds better.

  Its a frosty morning out but the skies are clear and the suns out, its sort of warm until the wind blows then it reminds you of winter. I'm going to take the dog on a long walk over the hills. Should be a refreshing day.

  I'll get some knitting, spinning or weaving done when I get back. Hope you all have a nice day.

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