Friday, 8 October 2010

Button holes

   In the past for button holes, only ever done one, I usually just do yarn overs to make the hole. I've done it that way more often for threading Icord which works fine. 
  Yesterday I did my first real button hole and messed it up straight away. I did the one row button(video) hole, not sure what I did wrong but it was a mess. There was a hole sort of so I carried on knitting and then changed my mind so started unknitting. Hit a big problem for me when I got back to the button hole because its cast off/bind off I didn't think it could be unknitted. Turned to the good folks at ravelry for help and soon had it all unknitted.
  I got the button hole right on my second attempt, not sure what my original mistake was. It looks prefect though its not in the center but that's my fault. So know I can knit real button holes, unknit cast off/bind off stitches and I also learned cable cast ons. Not a bad day really.

   The button hole was for the Iphone sock cosy thingy that I finished yesterday. It looks fine but I think its too thin, it stretches well and should fit the Iphone fine but I think the flap will be too thin, pattern distorted compared to the front. I'm going to knit another one with the same crossed arrow cable pattern on the front but a bit wider. I might try another pattern for the back this time. I'm also thinking of two buttons to close it, just because I can knit button holes now. Heh, I need the practise.

  Got my chunky grey tweed yesterday, its chunky. I was surprised how big the bag was, its chunky. I'll make a start on the pocket scarf sometime today, looking forward to knitting double basket weave again.I think I will also use this yarn for the newsboy cap, bakers boy hat.

  Not sure what I'm posting tomorrow but there will be pictures. Have a good Friday and weekend.

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