Monday, 4 October 2010

Weaving Weekend.

  I did a fair amount of weaving this weekend. I still don't fully get it, well I don't get how tartan is done. I can do stripes and now squares though my squares need more work on the joining part, sometimes it looks right other times it produced a bump or looks like it might leave a hole though it doesn't. Its fun to do though, rather hypnotic once you get going.

  I'm thinking now of doing a white and red scarf instead of a tartan one. Would be mainly white with flecks of red every few rows. I might make it a little longer then fold over the ends for pockets. Pockets scarfs seem to be this winters fashion.

  I spun a little of this new oatmeal blueface and hate it. It has a smell which the white didn't and it falls apart too easy and for no reason. It still feels nice and fluffy though but I won't be buying it from the same person again.

  Only did a tiny bit of knitting this weekend, on the backpack straps. Yes I still have not finished this blasted project!!! I think I'm very near the end but have thought that before so am probably weeks away from finishing still.

  Hope you folks had a relaxing productive weekend.

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