Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Spun a little, knit a little

  Well I did some more spinning with the oatmeal bluefaced, really need to be careful pre drafting it as it falls apart very easy even though its pretty thick. I think I've gotten the hang of it now, just need to draft more whilst spinning. The roving's are very long compared to the other tops I've spun so its pretty slow going.

  I also did some knitting on the Iphone sock cosy thing, the ones with the cabled crossed arrows. I had sort of forgotten about it with the dog fitting. Think I'll get it finished by tomorrow, going to do it with a cabled flap I think. Did a few more rows on the backpack straps, again.

  I didn't win the ebay book, price went too high. Have bid on a tartan book today though. I will learn to weave tartan, I'm determined about that. Not sure why,theres no Scottish blood in my veins but there is plenty of Irish and a bit of Welsh.

  Got my mild bottled yesterday as well, tastes wonderful straight from the bucket. 4% with a final Gravity of 1.002. I think I'll be getting more of this stuff.

  Weathers nice today, got a load on the line to dry. Not sure how much more I can line dry this year. I hate putting damp clothes on the line when its freezing cold out but hate drying in the house. Do have a tumble dryer but haven't used that in years, goes against my frugal nature.

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