Thursday, 7 October 2010

Waiting on the post

    Nearly finished the Iphone sock cosy thingy. Cast off the front part and started the flap with no problems, a lot like doing the heel flap on  a sock. I swapped over form the basket weave pattern to the crossed arrow cable I was using for the front, folded over it will be upside down but lined up right and it will look good. I need to put a button hole in somewhere and then it will be pretty much done. I might do a Iphone picture post on Saturday, the other Iphone one I did.

  My needle craft book I won from janeweston came today, haven't had a good look at it yet but it looks very detailed, is big and heavy too. It doesn't look like it has any weaving in it so will have to buy another book on weaving. The tartan book I'm bidding on I think is more about patterns than a how too.

  Still waiting in for mister postman, the book didn't come from the post office so I now know its the yarn that is due. I'll be able to get on with the Christmas presents as soon as it arrives. The dogs a little miffed about waiting in for the postman too, he loves his walks.

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