Friday, 22 October 2010


Short post today folks.

   Just got back from the vets and there were no problems with the meds. I got a repeat script for a reduced dosage which should help the dog stop staggering around like a drunk. Vet told me he can still have fits because it take about 2 weeks for the meds to start working properly and can even have fits while on the meds until they find the right dosage for him.

 Had a good play with my kick spindle, more about that another day I'm afraid,just don't have the time right now. I also started one of the Iphone socks as well but have been forced to do moss/seed stitch because my purls with ribbing are laddering again. I've mentioned this before and will post on it again soon because its a pain and I need help to sort it out.

 Not sure what will be posted for Saturday so just pop back for a surprise. Have a great weekend.

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