Monday, 25 October 2010

Weekends done.

   I got some more bfl, white this time. Haven't had a proper look but did have a smell and it smells of nothing. I think the oatmeal bfl hadn't been cleaned properly. Its not that it smelt bad bad but it didn't smell good either. I'm going to finished spinning it in two halfs and ply them both together then I can give them a decent wash.

  Darn cold out this morning, didn't want to get out of bed cold. Had two cups of coffee before I walked the dog, it was still frosty and icy outside but sunny. It looks warm in the sun but it ain't really, definitely coat and gloves weather from now on me thinks. Hat and scarf too.

  The ashford book of carding I got isn't great. If you want to colour blend it is probably great, it does seem to cover colours much more than carding. What I'm really after is a book that covers it all from the sheep to the  wheel, even a chapter on shearing. If anyone knows a book like that comment/email me please.

  I've finished one of the Iphone sock cosy thingies, I might need to make the Icord a bit long but its pretty much finished. The moss/seed stitch has turned out well next to the cable stitches, I wasn't sure it would. I'm going to knit another one in moss/seed stitch but with two cables this time. Then I really need to sort out why my purls are laddering in my rib stitches, hopefully the problem has gone away.

  I've weaved another Iphone sock cosy in pink eyelash yarn, the knitted one is also in pink but not eyelash. Its still on the loom and I need to knit an Icord for it and sew it all together, not sure it will sell but she did want odd pink ones.

Hope you all had a good weekend.

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