Monday, 1 November 2010


  Well I got around to finally plying some of my homespun yarn. I had planned to ply the oatmeal bfl together but one of them exploded and I couldn't find an end in which to start sorting it out. It was very frustrating, I wanted to go Alexander on it and chop the knot in half. I gave up and very carefully searched for an end on the other skein of oatmeal bfl.

  Finding an end on the white bfl was a lot easier than with the oatmeals, lesson learned I really need to be more careful and organised when putting up the yarns. In future I will tie a bit of bright yarn to the ends to make them more easier to find.

  I wrapped the white bfl around a large ish tupperware box and the oatmeal was placed on my skein winder thingy and I plyed with my larger top whorl drop spindle. Next time I think I'll wrap both yarns around tupperware boxes, they seem to work so much better than the skein winder for holding the yarns.

  The results look pretty good, sort of a tweedy yarn about aran weight for the most part, bit more chunky in some places and a bit like dk in others. I got 110yrds from 50g of white bfl and approx. 50g of the oatmeal.

  I've now set the skein in hot water and once its dried I'll take some pictures. I'll also take pictures of my spindles including the kick spindle and put then up for the Saturday post. Well I'll try too.

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