Thursday, 11 November 2010

Windy Knitting

    Dang its windy out, sort of wind that leaves you breathless. Its going to get stronger too, a lot stronger. Will be gusting over 60mph soon and could reach 80 mph. Glad I did my washing yesterday although it never got fully dry out on the line it came close, gives me a reason to put the heating on.

   Filled the first bobbin of white bfl and did a bit more on the drop spindle with the oatmeal bfl, not sure how much time I'll have today but will try and get some more done. 

   Got a tiny bit of knitting done with the scarf, still haven't made my mind up about what pattern to use for the pocket scarf. I might run a poll and see what you folks think but then again I'm the one who has to knit it not yous.

    Put the pictures onto my computer and deleted the shaky ones so should have a picture post for this Saturday, I think I'll put the kick spindle ones up and maybe my first plyed yarn.

    Found a really nice aran pattern I want to do a sample of in my new book but don't really have the time at the moment, will be glad when Christmas is over and its not even December yet.

   The dogs acting funny, was most up of the night restless and has been sniffing around a lot, it will be four weeks again tomorrow since his last fit and I'm wondering if he's going to start again. Hope the meds are really working but if they do happen every four weeks I think there may be other ways to manage them.

  Stay safe and warm, hope you all have a good day.

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