Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Getting chilly

   Brrrr bit chilly this morning but not too bad outside, its still cold but nice and sunny with hardly a breeze. Its going to get much colder though over the next few days, not to sure if I'll see snow on this side of the Island. Hope so, I do love me some snow. I'm wondering if I should put the washing outside, probably not worth it now being so late in the day. Plus it would freeze my hands and I need those for knitting and spinning.

   Just ordered a stainless steel cup with folding handles to go with my water bottle and pouch, have been looking for one that fits for ages but have only be able to find titanium ones, nice but expensive. I do have the crusader cup, heater and bottle but prefer my small round bottle for walks. Now I can have hot drinks on my walks, though I'll probably pack a flask instead of heating my water. Still its nice to have options, now I need a double walled mug with folding handles.

   I did manage to get some of my white bfl spun up on the kick spindle, need to spin some of the oatmeal today. I'm hoping it will all be done by the weekend so that I can ply it,not sure if I can manage it though. I did weigh the ball of yarn I managed to untangle,it came in roughly ,very roughly, at 100g with my rubbish kitchen scales. I can't remember if this one was spun from separates or the big bag of fleece I got. I'll weigh them all once there balled.

  I got a bit more knitting done on the pocket scarf, theres no real rush to get it finished. Apart from Christmas fast approaching. Still need to knit two more scarfs and a pair of fingerless mitts. I probably need to knit a couple more things too,will have to take stock soon and make a list.

  Stay warm folks, I've got to go back outside but when I get back I have a nice hot chunky chicken pie to eat, Mmmmmm yummy.

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