Thursday, 18 November 2010

Half done, half undone.

  Well I only managed to do half of my plying, one bobbins worth. It took a couple of hours, I could of done the other bobbin but life got in the way, as it so often does. I do have rough measurements this time though, the smaller tupperware box I wrap the bobbin yarn around is 20" and I got approx 150 wraps so that's about 80 yards. Only other time I've measured the bobbin was with a single around the chair and it was around 60 yards. Think I might end up with 3 skeins in different weights, aran, dk and the last one down to lace weight.
   The oatmeal bfl done on the spindle I wrap around the bigger tupperware box that measures 22", I got 244 wraps. Approx 150 yards, and I could of fitted more on the spindle as well. My singles are definitely getting thinner. Once all plyed together I think I will be left with, wild guess, 120 yards.

  That's the half done part, now the half undone part which isn't undone yet. That needs doing sometime today. Yes I messed up the scarf pattern again and got turned around. I noticed it a lot earlier this time at around 3" unlike last time at 10" but its still annoying that I have to undo those 3". This is the third double basket weave scarf I've done and the second one I've made a big mistake on. Again I'm not sure which row messed me up but haven't really looked at it yet, as soon as I realised what I'd done I put the work down. No point in getting frustrated.

  So that's my plan for today, ply the other bobbin and frog 3" of the pocket scarf. Hopefully I'll also have the time to knit some more, would really like to get 6" done on the scarf to make up for yesterday, and would really like to start spinning the last of the bfl rovings. What are your plans today??

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