Monday, 29 November 2010

Tangled up in blue

   Woke this morning in a nice warm bed, then had to get up to temperatures of 45f, about 7c, in the living room. Its rare I put the heating on in the morning because I normally have half a cup of coffee then go walk the dog and its pointless warming the house up then going outside. I put the heating on this morning and had a full cup of coffee, the dog can wait.
  Its actually pretty nice out, I was expecting Siberian winds today so dug my wool parka out. I ended up walking the dog with my parka unzipped, more to do with the parka being super warm than the weather though. Not been able to see the hills the last few days, they sort of merged into the cloud base but today you can see most of them so no idea what the weathers going to do, apart from remaining very cold.

  I have started winding the second Christmas skein in to a ball and its not going well this time either. I tried fitting it over the chair but it wouldn't fit, I guess it shrinks when you set it in hot water. I'm winding from both ends again, its a mess though not as bad as the first time. There has to be an easier way to winding balls. I'll have to be very careful making the skein with this next lot of yarn, hopefully that will making winding it easier, fingers crossed.

  I didn't get as much spinning done this weekend as I would of liked, none yesterday due to the birds nest issues. At this stage I'm not sure I will be finished by this weekend. I'll try and finish the winding today and get more spinning done.

  I did manage to get a bit of knitting done on the pocket scarf over the weekend, its 4.5 feet long now. I should be able to finish the scarf by this weekend then its onto the next one. I have some green sock yarn that I might knit the flame scarf with, haven't fully made up my mind yet. I do have the white yarn to knit the other scarf with too. I still need to figure out what needs knitting and what needs buying, I need some black yarn for some half finger gloves not sure what else though. Glad it isn't December yet, heh.

  Have a good day folks and stay warm.

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