Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Chilly Knitting

   Brrrrrr it was chilly this morning, didn't stop me putting some washing out on the line though. Not sure it will dry before dark, it is sunny and theres a fair wind though the wind is kinda icy.

  Did well with my spinning yesterday, got one kick spindle bobbin almost full with white bfl and made a start with the drop spindle and the oatmeal bfl. I'll finish off this bobbin today and spin mainly oatmeal. I should be ready for plying by Friday.

  Only did a little knitting on the scarf but its already 5 feet long and nearly finished. I'm still not sure what to knit the pocket scarf as, guess I'm a little sick of the double basket weave pattern now. No idea why but I fancy doing the pocket scarf in moss/seed stitch which is kind of crazy, approx 6" wide and 6 feet long of moss stitch is enough to send anyone mad. I did do the sleeves straight across in moss stitch though, about 15 inches wide and 7 feet long so I guess I'm already nuts.

  I've seen some nice red merino yarn for my moms scarf but can't order it until Friday, I could knit that one next and leave the pocket scarf for latter. That's if I do it in red, fancy doing it in a green maybe.

  I've been reading the aran knitting book and after Christmas I'm going to spin up a load of white fleece, probably bfl, and knit myself a nice warm aran shirt/sweater. A pretty big project as I'm going to design it all myself. I'll keep the jumper construction simple but all the patterns should make it interesting. I think it will be a great project for my home spun yarn.

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