Friday, 12 November 2010

Still here

     Well the wind didn't blow me away, was very strong last night though. 70mph + gusts inland, 80 + on the coast. No real damage apart from my back gate that was blown down, looks like it needs new screws/bolts to hold the frame post that the hinges attach too. I'll do that when the winds died down a bit more.

  Not much else to report today, did a tiny bit of spinning with the oatmeal bfl on the drop spindle and managed another section of double basket weave on the scarf.

  I did start a batch of bitter, will do a lager and another batch of mild or maybe something a bit stronger for Christmas. I've not done a IPA in awhile, could also try and make a mead. Tis the time of year to be jolly.

  I'll have a picture post up tomorrow, think it will be the kick spindle one. Have a good day and weekend.

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