Thursday, 25 November 2010

Cold wind blowing.

   The wind has teeth this morning. Its nice and sunny, pretty warm to considering its around 4c, but once the wind blows it bites into you leaving you with ruddy cheeks. Like a piece of sandpaper would do. 
    I need to knit myself a scarf, I have a couple of headovers but I'm not keen on them. There just like big collars and a bit too tight. I should dig my hat out too, the one with the floppy ears because its going to get a lot colder and stay that way for awhile.

   Npower was in the news awhile back about having to pay some of its customers back some money, I haven't been with Npower for about 3 years but got a nice letter this morning. Its only £24 but its still nice, I can buy some yarn or a couple of books. A new spindle maybe. I did get some money back off them soon after I left for electricity charges, this time its for gas. So if you where ever a Npower customer you might be getting a little early Christmas gift off them too.

   Spun up some of the oatmeal bfl yesterday, looking at the kick spindle bobbin and wondering if I could fit a bit more white on it. I could take the bobbin off and spin on the shaft and fit loads more on that but think unwinding it might be a pain so will probably stick to the two bobbins I have. If I don't overload the drop spindle too much two bobbins equal the top spindle. I'm still learning to judge it by by eye and until I can spin a consistent width of yarn its still a lot of guess work.

   The pocket scarf is still coming along slowly, I don't feel in a rush to finish it so am only knitting one to two sections a day. I'll attack it more once I have finished off this spinning. Then its two more scarfs to knit and maybe one for me, or I could knit a better head over. One that is shaped and fits inside your coat better, covers the shoulders and more of the chest maybe. If only I had the time.

  Stay warm folks and have a great day.

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