Friday, 31 December 2010

Happy New Year

    Still feeling ill and I need to go the shop for some basics like bread, really not looking forward to it but needs must. Think I'll pick up some cold and flu meds as well, what I've been using isn't doing the trick. I shouldn't really complain, its very rare I get sick. I can usually go a few years and never be ill, the last two years I've been sick once each year so still not bad.

    I really fancy doing some weaving, if not today then very soon. I've not touched the loom in ages and need to start practising again now I have a couple more books on the subject. Been looking at balsa wood to make a heddle out of for the bigger frame loom I have, not sure how well balsa sands though and whether it will catch on the threads.

    Very little knitting has been done, it even looks like the scarf is going backwards and getting shorter each time I pick it up. I'll keep nibbling at it then hit it heavy once I'm back on my feet, just not sure how long that will be.

    Not got any more spinning done, been thinking about getting some oatmeal bfl or another colour(undyed) of soft fleece and blending it with the Falkland roving I have. Just itching to have a play with the drum carder.

  Thats all for today, take care folks and have a Happy New Year.

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