Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Run down

   Think I might be coming down with something, feeling very run down, sore ish throat and a little achy in my upper joints. So if I don't post for a day or two don't worry I'll be back asap. I don't really feel to bad but want to take it easy just in case it catches up with me.

  Just ordered some tobacco seeds so I can grow my own next year, will order another blend before February. Going to do a biggish crop of potatoes this year as well, spuds will be one of those crops that will be going up in price during 2011 along with a lot of food stuffs. Cotton aswell is already very high. I'll have a go at spinning nettles next year, from what I've read nettles are nearly as good as cotton.

  This is all, my heads not in the game today, have a good one and take care folks.

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