Friday, 3 December 2010

Tis Chilly

    Walking the dog this morning and it was still -5c, glad I have my wool parker though I don't think the fur trim on the hood is real fur. Real fur is so much better in the cold dealing with condensation from your breath, the fake, faux fur stuff holds the moisture. 
     Its about -2 out now  as I sit here writing this while drinking coffee. Just been the shop for supplies, didn't really buy much but did get some packets of hot chocolate they had on sale and instant cuppa soup. Also bought some turps substitute that I need to check the UN and EC numbers on to see if its naphtha or kero. Looking at my old stuff I don't think it is kero but should still ok in the alcohol burner, I'll test it later after I've checked the numbers.

   The two bobbins for the kick spindle are filled, I could fit loads more on the drop spindle but think there is enough to ply with. I'm going to leave plying until tomorrow and work on the double basket weave pocket scarf today, think I can finished that off tonight.

  Not sure what the picture post will be tomorrow, I'll come up with something. Hope you all have a great weekend, stay warm.

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