Saturday, 4 December 2010

Bye bye snow

    It started snowing last night as soon as it went dark, not too heavy but enough for a few inches. Woke this morning and its bleeding raining. Theres still bits of snow in the long grass and patches here and there but most has turned to slush already. At least the temperatures are up, for now. Once it starts freezing again its going to be a death trap out there.

   I'm not going to do a picture post this weekend, I promise to do one next weekend of my bakers boy hat. Going to be busy today with regular chores plus I want to finish the pocket scarf off, get it weaved in and the pockets sewn up. I should also be able to start a second scarf this weekend, think it will be the flame one, I'll give a link to it once I start.
   Going to ply up the last of the Christmas yarn today, hoping I can finish it today, then I can set it and get it dried ready for winding into a ball. With luck and prays it should wind into a ball easy, fingers crossed. Then I can get it posted during the week so it has time to get to the states before Christmas.

   Have a good weekend, take care and stay warm.

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