Tuesday, 7 December 2010

In between

   Made a start on the bulky braid scarf for my moms Christmas present yesterday, its way too bulky with the yarn I have though. Sort of thing that would be too warm for the Arctic, better suited to the dark side of the moon. It does look nice though, I'm thinking of getting an aran weight yarn to do it with.
    I'm going to re try the flame scarf today but in dk on 3mm needles and see what that looks like, if it turns out ok I'll get some red double knit and do that instead. Maybe, maybe not. I'm stuck inbetween projects right now with no yarn* to do either. If it wasn't so close to Christmas I'd use the homespun I have for the bulky braid scarf.

  I do have yarn for the other scarf that needs doing, I just haven't put pen to paper yet and designed the pockets on it. I'll start working on the design for that after I've tried the flame scarf in double knit. Its just the pockets that need designing the rest will be in moss/seed stitch.

  I did get the last of my homespun plied and set yesterday, now I wait while it dries and then I can have fun trying to turn it into a ball. Pretty please with sugar on top that it goes well this time.

Have good day and stay warm.

*I do have a fair amount of yarn just none that I want to use on these two possible projects.

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