Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Flaming pocket pictures

Flame scarf
     Blogging is going to be lighter than usual in the run up to Christmas I think. I made a start on the flame scarf and its slow going so I will have to devote a fair amount of my free time to it. I'm happy with the results so far and while I was taking pictures of the pocket I took a couple of the flame scarf. Enjoy.
Five fold aran braid
   I've gone with a moss/seed stitch back ground instead of a reverse stocking stitch so that the pocket matches the rest of the scarf. In the book I got the cable pattern its called a five fold aran cable. I've searched online and can't find it under that name,if anyone knows of other names for it please let me know.
5 fold aran cable pocket
   Last picture of the flame scarf, I'm really liking the way this one is turning out but will be pushed hard to get it done in time for Christmas.
Flame scarf, 4 inches
  Hope you all have a great day. 
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