Monday, 6 December 2010

Nearly There.

   Didn't get as much plying done on Saturday as I would of liked too, my shoulder was playing up. I did much more on Sunday though, finished the first bobbin worth and made a start on the second bobbin. I've not tried to guesstimate the lengths this time but just off the top of my head I'd say 150 yards roughly.

   I got the pocket scarf pretty much finished, the pockets are sewn up and most of it is weaved in apart from where I've sewn the pockets. Not sure why I didn't weave those ends in while I had the needle threaded.

    I made a start on the flame scarf, the one I was going to do for moms Christmas present. In a dark green sock yarn and I don't like it, its not the colour its the flimsiness of the pattern I don't like. Talked to my friend who gave me the pattern and she doesn't like it either for the same reasons and she knitted hers in double knit yarn. 

   Its much more like a scarf for a warm summer evening than a winter scarf so I'm going to have a go at a chunky scarf pattern I found. I'll try it with the chunky yarn I have that didn't seem to work with any other pattern so far and see how we get along.
    The chunky scarf I'm looking at is a reversible rib cable pattern that looks braided, if it works with this yarn I have I think it will turn out nice and will be very warm. Will try and make a start on that today but must finish the plying today first.

 Have a good day and keep warm folks.

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