Saturday, 18 December 2010

Its snowing.

   It started snowing last night just after dark, came down pretty heavy for a couple of hours and dumped half a foot. Snowed on and off all night and at the moment is still snowing, though its very fine snow. Not sure when it will stop, it could carry on like this for a couple of days. Seems the weather folks don't know either, ya those folks who are paid with our taxes to come up with dodgy computer gigo that tells us that white stuff out there is really very warm sunshine.

  Nearly at the 3 foot mark on the flame scarf and am planning to get to 3.5 feet today, planning is easy doing is hard. The moss/seed stitch scarf still seems to be hovering around the 6" mark for some reason. I really need to play catch up with that one.

  I best get to it. Have fun playing in the snow if you have some, me and the dog had a good hours walk/play this morning. Stay warm and take care folks, have a great weekend.

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