Friday, 10 December 2010

Two scarfs

Got the red yarn today so I can make a start on the flame scarf, when I get time. Not sure I want to be knitting two scarfs as the same time though.
   Even though I figured out how to knit the 5 fold aran braid I decided not to use it on the pocket, it was pulling the edging stitches so that when stretched it was kind of holey. It did look ok flat but if someone put there hand in the pocket it would stretch too much.
  For the pocket I'm now experimenting with two simple plait cables with moss/seed stitch inbetween. Not sure how they will turn out or look but I'm steaming ahead anyways. Time is starting to run short for knitting projects and I still need to do 2 scarfs. I must be crazy.

   Ordered some Falkland fleece yesterday so I can do a little spinning inbetween knitting sessions, if I ever have the time. No idea what its like, it did look soft in the pictures but who knows. It was pretty cheap and will give me some more experience in spinning different fleeces.

   Bought one of my nephews a toy double barrel shotgun that shoots foam darts, I can't wait until I get to play with it. heh. Think I will get another nephew a pistol that shoots foam darts, not sure of his age though, he may be a little young yet.
   Thinking of buying my eldest nephew a Swiss army knife, he might not be old enough in the eyes of the law but some laws are just plain dumb. Its about time we blamed the people and not the tools, same with guns. They have recently put gun alert detectors up in Birmingham because of all the plastic gangsters shooting each other. We need to address the problem and it isn't banning handguns, which has worked out soooo well.

   I got the scarf and yarn in the post today so they should make it to the states in time for Christmas, fingers crossed. That's one down, now its time to get on with the rest.

  I'm not doing a picture post tomorrow, I'm going to stop the Saturday pictures posts until I'm on top of my Christmas knitting.
   Have a great weekend, I will post tomorrow still so pop back then. Stay warm too, the cold is on the way back soon and is expected to last into the new year.

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