Thursday, 23 December 2010

Finished one.

   The winter flame scarf is finished. Well, its knitted it just needs weaving in and blocking and then I can wrap it for Christmas. If it dries in time. I'll take some pictures if I have time and the batts. charge.

  The moss/seed stitch cable pocket scarf isn't going to be done in time I'm afraid. Even if I could get it knitted and sewn up, it still needs a good wash. I can't give the scarf as a present and say "you'd best wash that before wearing it". 

  I'm going to keep at it and see what happens but I very much doubt it will be fully finished. I'd like to say I learned a lesson and will start earlier next year but I haven't, its the same every year. I'm happy this year that any presents that needed to be bought where bought pretty early for me, most years I do the shopping on Christmas eve.

   I still need to wrap stuff up, I hate wrapping presents. I can turn
squares in to scruffy circles with my wrapping. I still need to weave in the other two scarfs aswell.

  I best jump to it, have a good day folks.

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