Monday, 27 December 2010

Taking it easy

   Hope you all had a great Christmas.

  I managed to finish the bakers boy hat in time, even had time to wrap it. I'm still working on the moss/seed stitch scarf,at a much slower pace. I think it will be ready before the new year, unless I have to redo the pockets.

  My other sister who got the double basket weave pocket scarf absolutely loved it, she wore it all day with her hands in the pockets. Its always extra nice when someone genuinely loves your work. The bakers boy hat and winter flame scarf went over very well but think the double basket weave scarf was the most enjoyed.

  Time to take things a little easier for awhile, still have the moss/seed stitch scarf to do and I want to make a start on spinning the Falkland roving I got before Christmas. I also want to buy some washed fleece so I can have a go on the drum carder. I'll wait until spring before I buy a full raw fleece. Don't fancy washing and drying a fleece in this weather.

  Talking of weather, its thawing and raining/sleeting a little. If it freezes tonight getting around tomorrow is going to be very tricky. No fun at all, well the dog will enjoy it.

  Hope you all have a good day.

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