Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Bit better

  Feeling much better in my body but my mind still seems a bit cloudy and my throat is more sore. I'm also very cold even though the temperatures outside have been above 0c for a couple of days. I should be 100% by tomorrow or the day after.

  I had a little spin of the Falkland roving earlier today, it feels a little course when spun but that could be just me. It is very soft before its spun. I got 200g of the Falkland before Christmas and today was the first time I've unwrapped it, its all in one piece which was fun trying to strip it into thinner pieces.

  I got the ashford book of carding a couple of months back and hadn't read the sections on drum carders and blending so read that today. I think I might blend the Falkland with another type of fleece. Itching to use the carder.

  Very little knitting done the last few days, a row or two here and there. I'll keep at it, think in about a week the moss/seed stitch scarf will finally be done.

  Have a good day and take care folks.

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