Monday, 13 December 2010

Pockets are done.

   Got both pockets knitted over the weekend. I decided to go with the five fold aran braid cable, its a much more interesting pattern. The rope cable looked kind of boring, seems strange saying that as about 3 months ago I couldn't even knit any cables. I'm very happy with the 5 fold aran braid cable next to the moss/seed stitch's, I'll take a couple of pictures today and get them online asap.

   Now I just need to knit the rest of the scarf, oh and another one. Made a small start on the moss/seed stitch scarf to go with the pockets last night, I think I'll do that one as a mindless no thinking project and work on the flame scarf when I have the time to concentrate. The flame scarf isn't really a hard pattern but any mistakes made I think would be extremely hard to unknit.

   Ordered the ashford drum carder today, its my Christmas present. Gone with the 2 speed 72 point one, I couldn't afford to get the packer brush with it this time so may get that later if its needed. Now I need to get some large totes to wash fleece in, or learn how to use my washing machine and pray I don't felt anything.

  Have a good day, enjoy the warm spell while it lasts and take care.

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