Friday, 17 December 2010

Pan handled.

   Just gave some guy enough for taxi fare. I'm usually a grade A cynic and its not that I believed his story, even though it wasn't as far fetched and heart wrenching as some of the bovine scat I've heard before. Maybe its the time of year and I haven't donated as much as I should to charity this year, all in all its only cost me a few beers and I hope he enjoys it how ever he spends it. Who knows maybe he was telling the truth. I did make sure I wasn't followed home, its hard to shake the cynical nature.

  The knitting is coming along, I've knit 2 feet of the flame scarf so far and am starting to think maybe it is possible to get it finished in time. Problem now is I look at the moss/seed stitch scarf and worry about getting that finished in time. The moss/seed stitch scarf is an easy knit but still takes time and I've only got around 6" done so far.

  Oh well back to the grinder, hope you all have a good Friday, keep warm and stay safe.

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