Thursday, 9 December 2010

The race is on

  Well I figured out how to do the 5 fold aran braid, its pretty simple really. I'll write it down here when I have more time. I'm still kind of working out the rest of the pattern surrounding the cable, tried a few but am unsure of which one to use. They all seem kind of untidy, I'll keep at it.

  I've got to get the last of the Christmas yarn balled up today, tomorrow(10th) is the last day for Christmas post to the USA. As long as the skein doesn't get tangled I can do the ball really easy, if the skein tangles though it will take me 2 days. It could still make it there in time for Christmas but no guarantees.

  So very short post today, I might post again later depending on what happens with this ball, fingers crossed.

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