Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Sleep knitting

   Quick post today, I've really got to get stuck into this flame scarf. I've got 9" done so far but at this rate I'll need 15 days to finish it and I don't have 15 days. The moss/seed stitch scarf I've got about 5" there done, not really worried about that one. I can do moss stitch in my sleep. Wish I could knit in my sleep right now, would be very handy to get 8 hrs of sleep knitting done.

   I think I've got everything else for Christmas sorted, its best to double check though. I'll start wrapping presents when I take a break from knitting, I'll have a better idea then if I've forgotten someone.

  That's all for today, weathers going to take a turn for the worse soon so I hope your all prepped. Have a good day folks, stay warm, stay safe.

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