Monday, 3 January 2011

Slow going

   Throats still a little sore but I'm practically 100% better. Did a little weaving yesterday, want to practise combining colours. I need lots more practise, my joins are mostly bumpy. I do have a better idea on what needs doing now but am a long way from fully getting the hang of it. I'll play with it some more today then go onto weaving something else. I might even do a full project.

   The cable pocket moss/seed stitch scarf is coming along slowly, I haven't put much time into it really just a few rows here and there. I really need to sit down and spend a few hours on it to make any head way.

  Not done any spinning, I'm going to get some oatmeal bfl and have a go at blending it with the Falkland, no idea how it will turn out but I really want to play with the drum carder.

  Nothing else to write really, life has been pretty slow, which isn't so bad. Have a great day and take care folks.

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