Thursday, 20 January 2011

Chilly is back

   Brrr felt very cold this morning when I woke up, it wasn't really its just that the last few weeks have been pretty warmish and I'm no longer used to the cold. House was down to 50f which is nothing compared the the 40f it was hitting a while back. Its also foggy out, very foggy. Its not so bad on the low fields but up on the top field visibility is down to about 20 feet.

  Got a fair amount to get done today, the mild which has been fermenting for 14 days looks like its ready for bottles. It should clear fast once its primed, might even be drinkable 1 week from this weekend. Then theres the rest of the chores,chores, chores. I hate  chores.

  Still knitting the moss/seed stitch scarf, not sure if I'll be able to get much done on it today. I will try and steal a little time for a few rows here and there. I really want to get it finished for the weekend.

 Have a great day, take care folks.

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