Friday, 21 January 2011

Heads bunged up

  Not writing much today, not really got much to write about but apart from that I sneezed last night and ever since my head and ears have been bunged up. Its more annoying than anything and I can't hear properly now.

  The weather is still cold but it does look lovely and warm out, suns shinning and the skys are blue. Yesterdays fog didn't lift until early this morning so its a nice change, apart from the cold.

  I got the mild bottled and barreled up, tastes a little rough and its not as clear as the last lot I did but with a little age it will clear completely and mellow out. I might try my first bottle next weekend and see what its like.

  Tiny bit of knitting done, think its near the end now. I'll do a bit more today and think I can finish tomorrow if nothing major crops up. Think I'll do a simple Iphone sock next, something quick and easy. I'll knit it in some acrylic variegated dk yarn my sister got me for Christmas, no cables just plain stocking stitch in the round.
   I do want to learn a knitting colour technique were you slip the colours instead of carrying em around with you. Only glanced at the article, I'll have more about it next week sometime once I've tried it. It does seem and look pretty simple.

  No picture post tomorrow but I will post something so pop back and see. Have a good day and great weekend, take care folks.

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